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Alert. Google banned 8 apps. If it is in your mobile then delete it now.

Cryptocurrency has been in the news a lot in India for the past few months. People are showing interest in it, but hackers are trying to lure people by using it wrongly.

Techindi:- Cryptocurrency has been in the news a lot in India for the past few months. On one hand people are taking interest in it and investing their money in it, on the other hand hackers are trying to entice people by taking illegitimate advantage of it. For this, they ask people to install malware and adware apps and your data gets hacked as soon as you install them. Due to which you can be harmed. But Google recognized these apps and threw them out of the Play Store.

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Google has removed total 8 apps from the Play Store. Who used to call from cryptocurrency mining app. Those who used to say that the investors will get very good profit from this. According to the security firm Trend, these 8 malicious apps were luring people with their promotion, as well as paying for subscription services, which was around $ 15 per month i.e. 1120 rupees.

Like Trend Micro gave information about these apps to Google, Google immediately removed these apps from Play Store. The thing to note in this is that the Play Store apps have been removed but these apps can still be installed in your mobile. If installed, then delete it immediately, otherwise your money may be lost, or your data may be stolen.

Here are those 8 apps

  1. Bitfunds - crypto cloud mining
  2. Bitcoin (BTC) - Pool mining cloud vallet
  3. Bitcoin miner - Cloud mining
  4. Daily bitcoin rewards - Cloud based mining system
  5. Crypto hollic - Bitcoin cloud mining
  6. Bitcoin 2021
  7. Minebit pro - Crypto cloud mining & btc miner
  8. Ethereum (ETH) - Pool mining cloud

Friends, if you have these apps installed in your mobile, then it is wise to uninstall and delete them.
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