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How to stop mobile from hanging? Tips

If the mobile is hanging, then get rid of it like this.

If your mobile is hanging again and again, then now you do not need to worry. You just have to read this post carefully and follow the same steps. With this your phone will not hang.

What should I do if the mobile is hanging?

What should I do if the mobile hangs? Often people keep asking these questions, you should first know why your phone is hanging so that the reason why mobile is hanging can be avoided.
So let us tell you 10 such tips that will never hang your mobile again.

Tip 1:- If any third party app of anti virus or cleaner is present in your mobile, then delete it immediately. Because many such apps are available on the internet which, in the name of mobile cleaner, can fill the virus in your mobile, due to which your phone hangs a lot. And these apps are not even needed because such an app is already present in your device which is from the mobile company itself, you can use it and it is also secure.

Tips 2:- If your mobile is new then you do not have to rush to install apps. Often people start installing the torso app as soon as they take a new mobile, by doing this the load on the new mobile becomes more and after some time it starts hanging.

Tips 3:- If your internal storage is low, then do not install the app in internal storage, by doing this there is a lot of pressure on the RAM, due to which the mobile hangs. To avoid this, you will have to transfer your apps to the memory card, this will not load too much on the RAM of your mobile and the mobile will not hang.

Tips 4:-  Now you will have many apps in your mobile, uninstall those non-essential apps in them immediately and if they are in memory then delete them from there. Because gradually the data storage of these apps increases a lot and you do not even know and the increase in storage is one of the main reasons for mobile hanging.

Tips 5:- You get some apps from the mobile company, out of which you will hardly be using them, and if they do not come, then we do not see any option to uninstall them, then we have to force stop them by going to the app settings. This will not store their data. And there will also be space in your storage.

Tips 6:- Keep clearing the data of the apps, by doing this the storage will be empty and the mobile will not hang.

Tips 7:- Never keep your internal storage or memory card full, as if your storage is up to 16GB, then you should have free storage up to 2 to 3 GB out of it. If this storage becomes full, then no matter how expensive your mobile is, it will not matter and it will start hanging.

Tips 8:- If you are running the internet, then after turning on the data, you do not have to touch anywhere immediately, because when you turn on the internet, a lot of process is going on in your mobile. Like WhatsApp messages and Facebook and whatever apps are there, their notifications, updates etc., so much process is going on, then if you want to do anything in your mobile at that time, then either it will work slow or it will hang. So whenever you turn on your data, then stop for 1, 2 minutes and do further work.

Tips 9:- From time to time, you should connect your mobile to the PC and keep scanning it, if there is any virus in your mobile, then it will remove it.

Tips 10:- Do not use high level browser or apps like browser like crome, mojila and apps like facebook, instagram use a lot of data either you can use lite version of them or else keep clearing their data like clear cookies, clear data , clear history You have to clear all this always so that this app does not store much data and does not load on your system. With this your mobile will not hang and will work smoothly.

With these 10 tips, you can save your mobile from hanging and at the same time these tips will also last your mobile's battery well.
So friends, share this with your friends and if you have any problem related to mobile, then definitely tell us by commenting, we will definitely tell you the solution. And follow our blog Techindi.

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