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You will be surprised to read some facts about mobile phone. Keep reading to know

 Nowadays every person spends most of his time in using mobile phone. Whether we have to talk to whom, massage or many other things that we do with mobile phones. But do you know there are some facts about it which you hardly know.

To know some interesting facts about mobile phones, read this article completely, which are quite interesting facts.

Don't make these mistakes if you want to save mobile from blast.

10 amzing facts about mobile phon.

1) - The first smartphone was made in 1997.

Ericsson GS8 was the model number of the world's first mobile phon. It was also called the world's first smartphone.

2) - The first call from a mobile phone was made on 3 April 1973.

Martin Kapoor, a Motorola engineer, made the first call to New York.

3) - Nokia 1100 holds the record for selling the most mobiles

So far more than 250 million have been sold.  This mobile was very strong, maybe this was the reason for selling more mobiles.

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4) - Mobile phone addiction is a disease.  it's called nomophobia.

About 200,000 million people are victims of this disease.  Excessive use of mobile leads to addiction and disease like nomophobia.

5) - alarm and clock will disappear.

Statistics say that almost 60% of people have stopped using clocks and alarm clocks.  Both these facilities are found under the mobile phone.  In the coming time, alarm clocks may be completely eliminated from the market.

6) - We check mobile about 150 times a day.

It is possible that people who are victims of Nomopbia check their mobile phones 150 or more times. This shows that we check our mobile once every 6 minutes.

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7) - There are more mobiles in the world than humans. 

The number of mobile phone users in the world is 5000 million.  And this is too much. And this number is increasing, and every single user has an average of 1.5 mobiles.  Means the number of mobile line is located. The number of mobiles is around 7500 and the number of humans is about 7350 million.

8) - Mobile phones have more bacteria than toilet flushes.

According to many studies, the number of bacteria found on the mobile screen is 30 to 40 times more than the bacteria found in the toilet flush. So this is a good reason never to bring the mobile screen in front of your mouth.

9) - The cost of the most expensive phone in the world is 95.5 million doller.

Falcon Super Nova Pink Diamond iPhone 6.  It is studded with 18 karat gold and also has a large pink diamond behind it. So you must have come to know why its price is so high.

10) - The word bluetooth comes from the Nordic king.

It is about a 10th-century Danish and Norwegian king, Harald Blanted, Which was incorrectly translated into English as Herald Bluetooth.

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