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Screen touch phons for farmer.

You are a farmer and yet you do not have a screen touch mobile.  So read this article completely, in which it has been told that the benefits of screen touch mobile are for the farmers.

Every technology of the world is now connected with screen touch mobile. Mobile people have made life very easy. Mobile is proving to be effective for farming farmers too.

If we talk about India, there are many farmers who still do not have screen touch mobile. Now the time has changed, nowadays everyone has a smartphone with screen touch. Farmers also need to have a screen touch mobile, it is not only for entertainment but can do many other things.

Screen touch mobile (smartphone) benefits to the farmers.

Tractor and Thresher will be available through app.

CHC Farm Machinery, through this app you will get the facility to rent, give and buy / sell agricultural machinery. You need to have screen touch (smartphone) mobile to run this app.

Agri app

AgriApp is an online platform, where farmers are given information about agriculture as well as government schemes. You can use this app in Hindi and English as well as 9 other languages.

IFFCO Kisan agriculture

In this app, some tips for farmers, information about weather and prices going on in the market are available. Through this app, you can also call the Kisan Seva Call Center.  can get more information.

There are many such apps available from which farmers can get information. But you need to have a smartphone to run these apps. You can do many more things with your smartphone. For example, if you are bored in the field, you can watch a movie, listen to a song, make a video call or play a game, etc.

You will get between 8 to 10 thousand smartphones with all the facilities mentioned above. 

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