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Earn money using facebook

Facebook has launched a good feature in India. Whose name is Creator Education and Enablement Program.

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Techindi:- Facebook has launched the biggest Creator Education and Enablement Program in India. Through this, creators will learn Facebook and Instagram conjointly you'll earn cash and increase your PR. At the Creator Day India 2021, Adam Moserin, head of Instagram, aforementioned that India is one amongst the quickest growing picture sharing and short video platforms.

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Ajit Mohan, vp and administrator, Facebook India, said, “India has seen a surge in talent and power within the last one year. we wish to speculate and support this scheme. we have a tendency to decide to attempt to develop a variety of artistic tools. Reels area unit a good example of this.  Intenet users in little cities and semi-urban area unitas of the country are creating nice use of short video options. Today, sixty large integer reels area unit being created each day in India.  Ajit Mohan more aforementioned that the social media platform is introducing substantiation tools. this is often a chance for tool creators to form cash through content.

The largest creator learning program

Ajit Mohan aforementioned that learning is a vital innovate Creator Journey. we have a tendency to area unit launching the biggest Creator Learning Program to more deconcentrate learning. this is often succeeding stage of 'Born on Instagram'.  The Born on Instagram program was launched in 2019.

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