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Do not make such mistakes even by forgetting while using the smartphone

 Today everyone has a smartphone. Often people make many mistakes while using it. While using a smartphone, we do not even know whether we are using our smartphone properly or not..

Techindi:- Smartphones are the most used in today's time, hardly anyone can live without a smartphone. Smartphone has now become an important part of our life, so it becomes very important to take care of it. Many times we use the smartphone incorrectly, which can cause problems in our smartphone. Often we hear that someone died due to smartphone explosion Often people are careless while using it, due to which many people get harmed. Today we will tell the same things that you should not do while using a smartphone.

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Don't carry a smartphone in your shirt pocket.

Doctors say that due to health reasons, no smartphone should be kept in your shirt pocket. Smartphone vibration can harm your body.

Do not use earphone while charging the smartphone.

Often people listen to songs with headphones on while charging their smartphones. According to several recent reports, electrocution can be done by plugging the earphone in to listen to music while the smartphone is charging. In the last year, many people have lost their lives due to electrocutions.

Keep smartphone away while sleeping.

Most of the people like to sleep with the smartphone close to them, many people sleep by keeping them under the pillow, this should not be done at all, If you also do this, then stop it today, it can prove to be dangerous. Sleeping with the smartphone under the pillow interferes with brain signals and affects sleep.

Do not charge the smartphone with things like power strip extension cards.

Do not charge your smartphone with a power strip extension card or multiple plugs. If a device in one of the card sockets gets affected, it will damage your smartphone as well.

Do not use the local adapter to charge the smartphone.

Use only the company's charger to charge your smartphone. Local and non-branded chargers can put your smartphone at risk. That is why if your charger is lost or damaged, then buy the charge of a branded company only.

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