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find my phone with Google

 Is your phone lost, or stolen or are you afraid of it. So there is nothing to worry, we will tell you some simple tricks by which you can easily find your lost phone.

In today's time mobile phone is very important for everyone. Even if it is not, a lot of our personal data is present in it. And nowadays all the bank and money transactions are done through mobile only. In such a situation, the fear of losing the phone sits in everyone's mind. And it's not just about losing the phone, who stole it. Now the question arises that how will we find our phone?

What to do if there is a fear of the phone being lost or stolen?

In such a situation, the most important thing would be to activate the tracking system in your phone. Internet is mandatory to track even if it is WIFI mobile network. You must have an account on Google.

Find my phone google.

In this, Google will make full effort to find your phone. Today's Android phones come with the Find My Device feature. This feature automatically tracks your phone locations. If your phone is lost or stolen somewhere, then with the help of this feature you will be able to find your phone easily.

how to activate find my device (Find my phone) on phone

By the way, this feature is present in all the latest Android phones and those phones which do not have this feature, those people can easily download it from play store. 
This feature is directly linked to Google, with the help of which it becomes easy for people to find your phone. And if you want to use this feature, then follow the information given below step by step.
  1. First you have to go to Settings then tap on Security.
  2. Tap on Device Phone Administration.
  3. After coming here, activate Find My Device.
  4. After this you have to go back to the settings again.
  5. turn on your phone location.
  6. then tap on the mode.
  7. After coming here, you have to choose High Accuracy.  After this you back by pressing the back button
  8. Now click on Google Location History and turn on its switch
  9. On the same page, you also see the switch on the device A side.

how to find phone

If you lose your phone, you can find the location of your phone by logging on to Google on a computer, laptop or other handset.

  • Launch web browser on phone, tablet or whatever else we have.
  • Now go to google page.
  • Type Find my phone or track android phone in the search bar.
  • Now you will see the option of Find my device.
  • Here you have to enter your email address and password.

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